Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Little White Lies Review: Broken Lines

An urban melodrama set against the mean streets of North London, Broken Lines tells the story of a clandestine affair between two troubled hearts played out in Finsbury Park. But with plot holes and character flaws aplenty, it’s a bumpy ride through an otherwise credible depiction of the capital.

Dan Fredenburgh and Doraly Rosa collaborated on a script in which they play the leads; him as Jake, a well-off property developer sent reeling by his father’s death, her as B, the waitress in a local cafe carrying the emotional burden of a recently disabled husband. Jake comes to B’s attention when he orders a bacon sandwich in her cafe, still wearing the kippah after his Jewish father’s funeral.

With the ice broken the two get acquainted and gradually find refuge in each other’s company. Jake’s post-bereavement breakdown puts him at odds with his fiancĂ© in the lead up to their wedding, while B struggles not with affection but passion with her ex-boxer partner who’s now debilitated by a stroke. Both are stung by the guilt of the affair, but proceed anyway... (read more)

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