Monday, 30 July 2012

i-D Video: Tom de Freston, On Theatre, at Breese Little

In our snap happy age it’s reassuring to know there are still people out there who’ll painstakingly mull over a single image for weeks before they’ve even got to the time-consuming stage of picking up a paintbrush to commit it to canvas. Makes you think there must be hope for us yet.

With its long and complicated history involving multiple reinventions and reincarnations, painting resonates heavily with its own meaning as a medium as well as the stories and opinions that the artist is trying to express. So working as what he provocatively calls a “contemporary history painter”, Tom de Freston plunders these narratives and melds them with scenarios from literature and his own imaginings to create paintings that startlingly depict historically grand themes from a modern perspective.

Here he talks i-D online through the process of translating ideas into brushstrokes, and gives us a sneak peek into his studio and the processes behind his work.

Tom de Freston, On Theatre runs until Saturday 15th September at Breese Little, 30d Great Sutton Street, London EC1V 0DU.

Text and Film: Laura Bushell

Monday, 23 July 2012

Music Video for bassDrumsnareDrum... coming soon

Some stills from the music video I made recently for bassDrumsnareDrum for the release of his EP on 6 August, featuring the dazzling dancing skills of Mr Roberto Ekholm. The video itself will emerge shortly..

Sunday, 8 July 2012

FAD Video: Jacob Hashimoto, The Other Sun, at Ronchini Gallery

Here's a recent video interview with artist Jacob Hashimoto for FAD. His latest exhibition consists of hundred of handmade kites strung from the ceiling of Ronchini Gallery in Mayfair - time consuming, but worth the effort!

Jacob Hashimoto
The Other Sun
Until 28 August 2012
Ronchini Gallery, Mayfair, London

Sunday, 1 July 2012

House Magazine Feature: Salaam Dunk

My feature on the Iraqi women's basketball documentary Salaam Dunk, as published in issue 21 of House magazine, the quarterly mag for Soho House members. 


‘For men only.’ One northern Iraqi man is responding to the concept of women playing sport. ‘I don’t agree with it, but this is the modern lifestyle,’ says another. The opening minutes of David Fine’s documentary Salaam Dunk massage our assumptions about where women figure in post-invasion, post-Saddam Iraq. That’s to say, even when they’re not in immediate danger of conflict, Iraqi women tiptoe around under conservative, restrictive rules.

‘I hear that the Western view is that Iraq is just a desert where women stay home to serve their men and are mistreated, covered up and uneducated,’ says Laylan Attar, a student at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani who was captain of the women’s basketball team during filming. ‘I want the world to know this is another country and that despite the 100 years of wars and corruption we play sport, and by “we” I mean women.’ And that they do, with varying success, as Salaam Dunk charts the basketball team’s second year of existence at the University. At the helm is American coach Ryan Bubalo, who responded to students’ requests to build the team from scratch. Now back in the US, Bubalo recalls the challenges of coaching a team who had scant, if any, experience of training. ‘The whole first year was really spent learning the fundamentals of the game, and, more importantly, learning teamwork and accountability to one another. Things I sort of took for granted – basic health issues like drinking water or eating right or the idea that practice attendance was mandatory – had to be taught.’

House Magazine: Jacob Hashimoto

Here's a short piece I wrote on the installation artist Jacob Hashimoto for issue 21 of House magazine:


Working with delicate bamboo rods and Japanese papers, Jacob Hashimoto creates gravity-defying collages of dozens of small handcrafted kites that amass in gallery spaces like kaleidoscopic clouds. Hashimoto asserts that his work is neither painting nor sculpture, but something in between. Using colour and monochrome to equally ethereal effect, he contrasts a feeling of mass with an airy lightness and sense of fluctuation, resulting in hypnotic interactive installations that echo patterns and forms from nature.

Jacob Hashimoto
Ronchini Gallery London
29 June - 1 September 2012
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